New Project, new blog!

Welcome to the new lipstickvoice site! A place to get inspired and ignited around travels and social projects, my big passions in life.

It seems I have been out of blogging for a while but NOT… I have been working with this project more than ever in the last months writing, reflecting and researching on a new design and finally I can  launch it and show it to everybody! I am super excited!

I might say I wanted the site to look a little more serious or professional, more organized and clear but most importantly it wanted it to look more as ME! My intention has been that you should feel the lipstickvoice touch in every detail, word, picture, title…  I also want the blog to be more interactive and learn more more from the readers, so please comment or send me your suggestions or thoughts whenever you feel like!
You might also note that the blog has developed more into a site about traveling, personal inspiration and social projects. For me these 3 topics are what inspires me to work with this blog and I hope to transmit the energy that it gives me to people out there.
I will write basically in English, but since I am not native please have patience if there is any grammatical or spelling mistake… As in life mistakes are welcome in but I keep working and trying in order to improve and do it better!
SO please take a seat and browse around the new site and enjoy! A lot of more experiences, stories and content is coming so I invite you to follow me on my social channels or subscribe in the field below to get all the new articles by e-mail. As I said comments, opinions and suggestions are more than welcome!

Thanks to Tabs design agency and specially Marc who with a lot of patience and lots of love they did a fantastic work!

Thanks with love ♥



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