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Last weekend I had the chance to go and visit Visby, the main city of Gotland in Sweden. Pick berries and swim wild in the sea and lakes.

Gotland is sometimes referred to as the Ibiza of Sweden and as Ibiza is one of my favourite Islands I just had to head there to see what the fuss is all about. Last weekend I had the chance to go and visit Visby, the main city of Gotland, for 2 days. To really discover Gotland one needs more time than I had and you should definitely aim at coming during the the month of July when the island is booming with people and all summer restaurants and places are open. Even though I came in June I still had 2 great days in Visby. I had the luxury of staying with my boyfriend at a friend of his who lives in a super cute house overseeing all of the town and with beautiful views of the sea and the sunset.

I spent two days walking the narrow streets and enjoying the architecture and the tranquil town. The town of Visby flourished in medieval times when the German Hanseatic League used it as an important hub for trade in the Baltic Sea. Even though wars have destroyed parts of the walls surrounding the city it still holds a lot of the old architecture intact and has an incredible charm. The town is a myriad of small narrow streets with beautiful old houses taking your thoughts back to the days when this was a bustling trade town. On top of this – as always in Sweden – on every other street corner you will find cozy cafes and chic restaurants.

visit gotland

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We also went out of the town to nearby Själsö Bageri where I got a taste of how Gotland can be in summertime. The beautiful and green gardens, the sea, cozy small cottages, like made for kids who want to run around and discover woods, bathe and play safely and freely.

I will be back that is for sure and depending on what I want Gotland has it all, for tranquility I will rent a house somewhere on the Gotland countryside, for hardcore party I would aim for the “Stockholm week” when Visby is legendary for its great party and good DJs (week 29) or take to go back in history I would go during “medieval week” (week 32).

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gotlandvisit gotland


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