travel San francisco; Haight street and Golden Gate Park

The most colourful neighborhood of San Francisco must be the laid back and historic hippie area of Haight Street which connects with Golden Gate Park which both combined make for a perfect day tour.

This was my first visit to San Francisco and after some considerations we chose to stay in a beautiful flat on Haight Street through Airbnb. Going to a new city and trying to decide in which neighbourhood to stay is always a little bit of a gamble. You get recommendations from different types of people with different preferences and its hard to know if you will find what you like the most. This time we were lucky, Lower Haight and Haight Street, where we found the flat, was a perfect match for us. The area is perfectly located close to the city center and other cool neighbourhoods like Hayes Street, Castro, Mission and the city center. It is clearly more residential than some other neighbourhoods and therefore holds that nice and special domestic vibe with locals saying hi to each to each other and being friends with the local shop owners. Haight street combines the for SF so typical Victorian style architecture with lots of beautiful painted murals and street art, cozy cafes, hip bars and as it was the center of the Hippie movement, when it started in SF back in the 60s, it still holds that free and liberal vibe more than maybe any other part of SF.

Recommended TOUR:

Lower Haight where I lived is where I recommend you to start your day. Here you find some nice local cafes like Cafe Pascal or Cafe International where you can get ready for a busy day with a healthy breakfast and sip a lovely capuccino. After breakfast continue on Haight Street upwards towards Golden Gate park. On the top of a pretty steep climb you will find Buena Vista hill with its lush park and colorful houses which also almost marks the entrance to the coolest part of Haight street – upper Haight. Here you will find some great brunch or dinner places in Magnolia Gastro Pub, Cha Cha Cha, Haigh street market, … and some great shopping. Everything from trendy boutiques, cool second hand stores to accessories and hippie inspired clothes and incents – for me it was shopping heaven, you know I have a hippie soul!
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The day was beautiful so I left the shopping for later and headed towards the end of Haight street where Golden Gate Park starts. There I shopped some picnic food in the well assorted Whole Foods store and rented bikes to bike in the Park. The park is a perfect place to feel as a local San Fransiscoer on a weekend. Its full of people biking, skating, having picnic and playing sports in the green fields. I biked down through the whole park admiring the people and indulging in the beautiful surroundings, all the way down to the end of the park where it meets the sea at Ocean Beach. There I took a short rest relaxing to the sound of the waves, although being a beautiful day nevertheless the water was too cold for swimming.

Travel San francisco golden gate park

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Biking back in the afternoon it still left me some time to check out the stores before they closed and grab a late beer on one of the terraces to finish the day off. 

A wonderful first day in San Fancisco, and I could not feel more in love and at home in the city already.

Travel San Francisco

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Hope you enjoyed the pictures, if you have any question regarding San Francisco please let me know, I also have some friends living there which I always can ask and know more.

Thanks with love ♥


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  • Anna

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    Beautyful pictures Mireia! Looks that San Francisco matches really good with you!

    • Mireia Guix

      March 19, 2015 at 12:34 pm Reply

      Thanks Anna! Lovely you like it 🙂

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    March 25, 2015 at 9:29 am Reply

    Great pics Mireia! love your stories x

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