On a saturday morning you can feel the vibe of the Söder streets with its antique boutiques, infinity coffee places, second hand stores, parks, especially in the Sofo area.

The winter time has arrived to Stockholm. Its time to put your jacket, gloves, hat on and forget about to show legs or think about wearing crop tops. At least for a spanish girl, of course!

My friends David, Elena and Gerard visited me from Barcelona 2 weeks ago. We woke up early having a fantastic and energetic breakfast at home and later on we went for a nice walk to Söder which is one of my favorites areas in Stockholm. My friends loved it as well. On a saturday morning you can feel the vibe of these streets with its antique boutiques, cafes, second hand stores, parks, etc. What is interesting is that some decades ago it used to be the “poor” neighborhood, and now is getting super expensive to rent an apartment or go out for dinner because it’s so trendy and alternative. If you want to see a real swedish hypster this is where you should go.
For that particular Saturday I chose a casual and warm outfit. The parka is from the swedish brand Rules by Mary. I just discovered this brand and I really like its feminine details in nice woolen qualities.

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Parka: Rules by Mary Sweater: H&M
Pants: H&M Hat: Zara


David Casas

Thanks with love ♥


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