Scandinavian design trends 2015

I assisted to Formex, to discover the new Scandinavian design trends for 2015. The highlight of the day: Meet Madeleine and Stephanie from Eshi, in love with Africa.

I have to admit I am not an expert of the last design trends, new materials, brands, but I have always loved the Scandinavian interior design as a person who likes beautiful things and good quality which I guess defines the Nordic style. Last saturday I assisted to Formex, the largest interior design fair for Nordic design in Scandinavia. A place for inspiration and information, business opportunities and of course a place to meet new people. Hundreds of brands and new generation of designers were introducing the spring trends putting interest in new smart materials, functionality and style.

Nordic design is characterized by natural simplicity and functionality and it uses honest materials and tones inspired by nature and the special Nordic light. Clean, neat, simple and unembellished. Suddenly I felt like I wanted to have thousands of houses/ apartments to decorate and take all kind of furniture and accessories with me home. At least if you like design I can absolutely reaffirm is a inspiring place to discover and dream…

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But the highlight of the day was to meet with Madeleine Rosberg and Stephanie Persson, founders of ESHI (In love with Africa). ESHI is an interior and lifestyle brand which offers affordable interior and lifestyle products for the Scandinavian home, full of vibrant prints, playful colors and unique craftsmanship, produced in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Congo and Morocco. To support a Sustainable Economic Development all collections are made from natural materials, responsibly sourced from local suppliers in each region.

I really like how they define the essence of the brand: Love and happiness and the life stories of the local artisans that put generations of tradition and skills into each product.

ESHI in love with AfricaESHI In love with AfricaFORMEX444ESHI IN LOVE WITH AFRICA gormx8 photo

I truly recommend you to have look to their site, specifically to the page where they show the people who are behind the products I found it very transparent, human and responsible.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, here I attach other brands I found interesting to follow and see what they do:


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