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Patnem Beach is the perfect combination for a dream holidays in India: SUN, BEACH, GOOD FOOD, COOL ATMOSPHERE, LOVELY BEACH HUTS, AND LOW PRICES.

One of my obligatory stops in India was Goa. My mind and body were asking me for some sun energy after a long autumn in Stockholm. Directly from Mumbai we went to Goa airport where we took a taxi 2h direction to the southest part of Goa, in Patnem Beach. OH MY GOD… A lot of people had talked to me before about Goa but nobody explained to me that it is the right place to go to find the perfect combination that I have always dreamt about: SUN, BEACH, GOOD FOOD, COOL ATMOSPHERE, LOVELY BEACH HUTS, AND LOW PRICES.

After 8 days in Goa I really felt like I was living in another reality where time doesn’t really exist and your only worries are what to eat and which beach to visit. Walking all day without shoes, swimming, waking up early to do yoga, seeing the sunsets, having a relaxing time at the lovely chill outs, listening to live music at nights on the beach… I miss this SO MUCH!!!!!!! This is what GOA, or at least the south of GOA popular to be more relaxing, consists of! I was accommodated in Sol de Mar Beach hut resort in the most tranquil part of Patnem Beach. The hostess of the place, Shy and Paco, treated us perfectly making us feel like home. What I liked the most doing in GOA was to rent a motorbike and discover new places and beaches such as Palolem, Agonda beach and Cola beach. When I arrived in Cola Beach, a hidden and small seaside near Agonda, I realized how beautiful our planet is and how much we have yet to discover. This place was an authentic paradise.

I fall also in love with the little markets around there, there is a little main street where you find find beautiful jewlery, clothing, home decoration and so on for a very good price.

My recommendation is to stay in Patnem beach for accommodation, if you are looking for some tranquility and relax then Patnem is the best option instead of going to Palolem. We went there for a day as a trip ( 1h walking from Patnem Beach) and we wanted to get back because there were to many people, the beach was quite dirty and not as charming as Patnem beach.

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goa patnem beach

Some local tips:

– Yoga retreat: Kranti yoga, you can also find some drop in yoga in other nice places for 5 euros.

– In Patnem beach find the swiss restaurant, a fantastic hide place with handmade pizzas.

– The massages on the beach are not very good I recommend to go to Hotel Turiya : the spa offers a menu of assorted body and beauty treatments, integrating the traditional Indian systems of Ayurveda with the more contemporary Western spa approach.

– Good drinks in Salida del sol bar

– Cheap and fun beach resort: Lotus Oasis beach huts resort

– Luxury beach huts resort in Patnem beach: Turtle beach 

– Clubbing: Silent party ( on the way to Palolem)

– Canacona is the main town next to Patnem. I recommend to have a ride around with a tuk tuk. Canacona is the unique place where you can take off money around Patnem.


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    February 9, 2015 at 8:58 pm Reply

    Lovely write up !

    • Mireia Guix

      March 19, 2015 at 12:34 pm Reply

      thank you so much! Happy you follow the blog 🙂

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