2 Day trip to Algarve

Algarve lays on the south coast of Portugal with beautiful beaches and small towns such as the surfer town of Sagres, only 2,5 hours away from Lisbon, so accessible and perfect for a 2 day trip!READ MORE

Off to photogenic Arkösund

Arkösund is a small village on the Swedish East Coast quite near of Norrköping city. Its located in the southern archipelago and as always in the archipelago of course surrounded by beautiful small islands. READ MORE

El Borne Barcelona ♥

El Borne is a fashionable district with the city’s best lifestyle with a lot of galleries, vintage shopping, wine bars, clubs, and tapas places.


Sheikh Zayed, the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque

Even though you might only visit Abu Dhabi for a short stay you really have to visit the Grand Mosque, Sheikh Zayed. It is the primary tourist attraction in the area and definitely worth a visit.