I start a new column, page, site or whatever it is called to talk about the Dream travel I have always had: B A L I!!!!!

I would say I am talking about going to Bali since I am 20, perhaps even earlier, but for different reasons, moments, jobs, family, etc I haven’t had the chance to go. And now, I understand why… Things in life arrive when you are ready for them! You can dream, desire, want something but if you are not ready for it, it doesn’t come naturally to you, and now the moment has arrived to me and I cannot be more excited about that!
Actually I wanted to move to Bali 2 years ago but then I met my Swedish boyfriend Kristoffer and life brought me to the “North Pole” instead, quite similar to Bali haha! But I did it, because it was what I needed to do in that moment, and this has been wonderful experience for me! Not only because I moved to another country with the love of my life also because I learned to  get to know myself, do things for other people who you love, have new friends with new confidences, I learned to have more patience, stay at home ( In Sweden home is your temple), to value family and friends even more, to not be anxious for the future and try to do the best of my present, I learned to understand that everything happens for a reason and the universe puts you in the place you need to be in every moment… It’s up to you to follow these signs and take advantage of them!!!
Now after working one and a half year in an intense but very inspiring international project and living 2 years in Stockholm life has put in front of me the  chance to decide what I want to do after that, from the heart and with total freedom. That’s why…. The 2nd of September I take a one way flight direction to Bali and there is no doubt that now its my moment to do it! Perhaps for a long vacation, perhaps for a season… I don’t know… It’s a mystery!!!!
This is going to be a column about all what I need to prepare before leaving, different routes, hotels, resorts and accommodation in general, yoga activities and a little bit of surf, beaches, culture, feelings, people, etc I cannot be more excited about the idea to blog during this trip, it is like my two life passions going together: Travel and Writing! 
Check my inspirational moodboard about BALI! This is what is waiting for us….
travel quote
So see you soon dreamers, more updates coming soon! 
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