During our trip to India we visited the offices and the projects on site of the Non Governmental Organization Mumbai Smiles.

 Mumbai Smiles offers anyone who is interested a chance to visit them and meet their people. I believe it is a great initiative to open up for the public what you do as an organization and increase the awareness of its challenges.
Mumbai Smiles is an organization founded by the Catalan journalist Jaume Sanllorente in 2005 and it works primarily with education and health initiatives in the slums of Mumbai. On our day with Natasha, their Marketing responsible in Mumbai, she showed us around two Balwadis (daycare center for kids) in one of the biggest slums in Mumbai. We met the teachers and they explained to us the vulnerable reality of the kids in the slums. We also had the opportunity to attend a workshop of the SEED project, which aims at empowering women through teaching them basic skill sets needed for jobs. Our experience with Mumbai Smiles was unforgettable and touching, and is really recommendable for anyone wanting to know ore about the works of NGOs
All the smiles and laughs from the kids combined with the teachers passionately explaining their work gave us a warm feeling and inspired us to take more action to help these kind of organizations.
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Our sensation maybe is best explained in the words that we left for the organization for them to publish on the ”Tree board” where all visitors share their experiences:

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For more information you can visit their sites on Sonrisas de Bombay / Mumbai Smiles or follow them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.
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