Life in Canggu, Bali

After a few days of travelling around I came to Canggu, a just wonderful place on the southwest coast of Bali. For me Canggu could probably represent heaven on earth, it just has all those things that I love. Here I share with you some moments of my life in Canggu.

So finally my trip to Bali has started and after spending some well deserved days of relax and coming into the mood of taking it day by day and going with the flow we have now settled down in Canggu.
For me Canggu could probably represent heaven on earth, it just has all those things that I love. Great restaurants, cute cafés, beach, yoga, fresh juices and good food everywhere you go and last but not least so nice people! This town just northwest of the more touristic spots like Kuta and Seminyak has lately risen to maybe the “hippest” place in Asia and the time to go visit is definitely now. Locals tells us how this place just 1-2 years ago was just a quite surf resort and has now grown to a cool and hip town located at the beach. It is still full of surfers hanging around to catch the best waves at Echo Beach and Batu Belong Beach but it has also drawn a big community of expats – artists, designers, photographers and pure visionaries that apart from living here open up one cool restaurant or shop after the other. This setting combined with a big devotion to healthy and sustainable food and mindful living makes this such a great place to visit or live. I therefore chose to stay here for at least a month and just feel the vibe of this place.
The first nights I stayed at Serenity Eco Guesthouse. This guesthouse is such a sweet and tranquil space and a good low budget alternative. Just see my pictures and you will understand why, all the rooms have names like Love, Om, and Freedom, they are located around an organic garden and pool and next to it they have their own yoga and massage facilities. The yoga and massages in this place are absolutely fantastic. I immediately set me up for 5 classes of yoga and have really enjoyed the great teachers they have. In the entrance you find a simple but sweet cafe with vegan, vegetarian and raw food alternatives. Oh yes, last and not least its located just next to the beach so you can walk down to enjoy the waves.
Stay tuned for more updates from this wonderful place. We just rented a room in a supercool Balinese style house, more from that coming up!
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