Kinondo Kwetu Dream

Kinondo Kwetu  is a boutique hotel in Galu Beach in Diani beach. Kinondo is a true representation of how all Inclusive Hotels were meant to be when invented. Just life, relax and enjoy!

At Kinondo Kwetu you jump out of bed and take your morning juice and breakfast wherever you want, for example on the patio of your cottage or in the garden outside of the cozy lounge. After that you choose your activities depending on what you want, relaxing ones like hanging by the pool, at the private beach, get a massage or activating yourself with horse riding on the beach, scuba diving or Yoga over viewing the sea swells.  What do you want to do? What and where do you want to eat? Everything is catered for and thought through. You just have to live, relax and enjoy.

Each part and each corner of Kinondo Ketu is thought through to its uttermost detail. The design and decor is carefully and tastefully chosen and on top of that the people working there are all wonderful and very helpful treating you like royalty. The days were usually finished off with a cocktail in the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere of the bar together with other guests at the hotel or chatting with the wonderful couple Ida and Filip who own, manage the hotel and also live at the premise with their 2 beautiful daughters.

During my stay I was reading the book “Dawn over the Kalahari” by Lasse Berg. It tells the story of the origins of human beings and how we all come from tribes, living at the beach of the African continent living of the abundance of seafood and plants.

I don’t know if its the place, the setting or just the gentleness of the people at Kinondo Kwetu but I really reached this feeling of connection with life, earth and our origins.

Welcome to Kinondo Kweto…

The cottage


kinondo kweto hotelkinondo kweto hotel

The mornings


kinondo kweto hotel photoyoga2

African style

DSC01855 kinondo kweto luxury hotelDSC02107Private excursions:

DSC02161 DSC02190 DSC02192

kinondo kweto

 The beach

photogvsdgkinando kweto hotel

The pool

DSC02308 photo2

Living on the beach and off the sea in a magical setting –  you feel one with life and earth, just being, relaxing, enjoying in absolute happiness. We also had the chance to visit the hospital they build in the Kinondo village. A fantastic way to be involve with the community and help them to have a healthier life for those who cannot afford it. I will explain you more about this project in another article.

The Food

We were thinking about going out to some restaurants but WHY? Kinondo Kwetu’s chefs are specialized in preparing healthy and fresh food, the key ingredient is local fish, caught each morning by Kinondo village fishermen, using traditional methods. Local vegetables and meat is sourced daily to create fresh and flavorful dishes. Everything was more than delicious!

kinondo kweto hotel

kinando kweto


 The little boutique: 

DSC02302 DSC02307

Beautiful Farwells: 

kinando kweto

kinando kweto hotel

Thank you Filip, Ida and all of the staff, you all made our stay wonderful and an unforgettable experience.

Wearing Lalesso clothing; ethical, eco and sustainable

Swimwear: lalesso

Tunique: Lalesso

Thanks with love ♥


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