Healthcare and Education in Diani beach, Kenya

Today I share with you some moments from when I visited social projects related to healthcare and Education around the local villages of Diani Beach, Kenya.

I am a big fan of relaxing on the beach and enjoying some time off but traveling for me its not only about relaxing but also Discovering. Discovering local places and maybe foremost how people live and how their daily life looks like.

There are more than 7 billion people in the world and there is no better way too learn to be less selfish and more caring than to go out and meet people from different backgrounds

My trip to Diani Beach was no exception. After spending some time in the tourist places I managed to get a local called Ali Mbongo to organize a trip to go to the small village where he lived and grew up. It was only around 30 minutes away by motorbike but so different from the life around the beach and the tourist places. Away from the beach a lush jungle spread out, with beautiful palm trees,  small tents, colorful flowers and the smiles and warmth of local families. The town was not far away from Kenyaways, the place where we stayed – by motorbike – but Ali told us he was still saving up to buy his own motorbike, nowadays he still commuted by foot around 2 hours one way (4 hours per day) to get to work in the Hotels at Diani Beach.

Ali took us to the town where he grew up and showed the Primary School where the smallest kids spent a couple of hours per day, as well as the secondary school where the kids continued their education and from where the ones who could afford later went on to high school in the bigger cities. He also proudly showed the pump used to retrieve fresh water and his own house and uncle and aunts. All those smiles and welcoming words were wonderful and I was so grateful to get closer to the people of these towns. Thanks Ali for been an exceptional host!

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Later on that week, when staying at the wonderful Kinondo Kwetu Hotel their owners Philip and Ida took us to show their way of giving back to the local community through the Kinondo Kwetu Trust Fund.

The trust fund finances a hospital, a primary school and also sponsors students to afford to advance to high school. In the Kenyan countryside diseases as Malaria and HIV are still a very serious threat to people and thanks to this local hospital thousands of patients can be treated every year. They also care for parental care and assisting in deliveries contributing to lowering postnatal death. The visit was incredibly inspiring and it was impressive to see what they had done with limited resources and what the combination of both financial contributions and gifts from hospitals in Sweden has made possible.

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Ida and Philip really showed how you in a great way can combine entrepreneurship and business with social projects to create a better world. Thanks! If you want to know more about the project please find all the information at their pages:

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Thanks with love ♥


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    March 27, 2015 at 10:13 am Reply

    What a wonderful post Mireia, as you are!
    Such a big heart, big soul!
    Never change please!!

    • Mireia Guix

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      Thank you Anna for your fantastic words! x

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