Explore Ubud in two days – Day 2

Explore my second day in Ubud with a wide range of options about what to do from local markets, temples and yoga places.

During my second day in Ubud I combined visits of temples, local markets and of course a yogaplace and some nice restaurants. For my day 1 in Ubud go here.
Day 2
 On day 2 it was up early to have time to do some visits of places a bit outside of Ubud. I kickstarted the day with a healthy juice and some raw food at Alchemy just next door to the Shift hotel and headed of with the motorbike direction Tempak Siring for the Pura Gunung Kawi temple.
My best suggestion of getting there is to use Google Maps and take the smaller contryside roads. They are just amazing and the feeling of freedom when cruising through endless rice fields and small local villages is incredible. Just before the temple, in Tempak Siring village, I stumbled upon an amazing local market. It was much more genuine and local than the one in Ubud. A part from finding all different kinds of local food and delicatessen I browsed through clothes and handicrafts as well as met some incredibly friendly people behind the stands, it is well worth a stop.
ubud local market
 ubud local maketubud local market
ubud local market


From there it is close to the Pura Gunung Kawi temple; This 11th century temple is one of Bali’s most important ones and is beautifully located in the middle of rice fields and tropical jungle. The views are wonderful when you head down the uncountable number of stairs (almost 300 according to Lonely Planet) to visit the temple. It is some hard work to get back up but the views are definitely worth it. When you are back on top of the stairs you can head to the cafe which on a clear day holds views over some of Bali’s highest peeks.

ubud temple Pura Gunung KawiUbud templeubudtemplepuraubud10


ubud market Pura Gunung Kawiubud temple Pura Gunung Kawi
When done with the temple you definitely need to head just a couple of minutes more north to the temple Titra Empul with its healing springs. If the views are worth the visit of Pura Gunung Kawi then the people is the reason for the visit of Tirta Empul. I visited the temple on a Sunday and it was full of locals coming their to bathe themselves in the springs or perform rituals, creating wonderful small figures that are offered to the gods. This was an amazing experience to get even closer to the religious part of Bali and its local traditions. What was amazing was also the willingness and openness of the locals to show around and share with them their rituals and practices with us tourists. Thank you for that!
ubud temple ubudtemple8 ubudtemple9
 ubud temple ubudtemple4 ubudtemple10
On the way back to Ubud a perfect and almost a “must” stop are the rice terraces of Tegalalang. The place is very touristic yes, but there is a reason, these rice terraces are beautiful and its a perfect stop for some great pictures to send home. Don’t stay too long though, the cafes and restaurants around are super touristic.
tegalalang rice fields tallangang ubudmireia

When back in Ubud and to wind down after an intense day you should head over to Yogabarn, the famous and almost iconic Yoga place in the middle of Ubud. This place is like the heart of Yoga practice in Ubud and has an extensive and really inspiring schedule of awesome classes, accompanied by a great cafe where you can get some raw food, vegetarian lunch or dinner. If you are lucky maybe you’re there for the epic Ecstatic Dance that is offered twice a week. It is a very special experience for those who are ready to let go, open up themselves to the unknown and just flow. It is an intense 1,5 hours of cool music vibes in the Yoga barn, full of people who silently just dance, as if no-one was watching, letting go of their inner feelings and just being in the moment. A awesome experience that anyone who is a bit open minded should try out!

 Credits picture: http://bit.ly/1KNkUJM

If you want to feel like a local Yogi then head over to the cafe “Kafe” after your class in Yogabarn. Here you will find people from the same class as you heading over afterwards to finish of the night with some healthy and nutritious food.

2 intense days in Ubud are over. I will be back for sure, very soon, and try the many other things Ubud has to offer. Summarising my experience it was wonderful, the energy fields really helped me find peace in the moment and I left with a free and happy soul inspired by all the wonderful people I met and the beauty of this island.

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