Explore Ubud in two days – Day 1

I went to Ubud for the first time for 2 nights and spent 2 full days and I will in this post try give ideas on how you can get the most of Ubud with a limited schedule.

Ubud is a very special place, a mystical place one might say, everyone who I met who goes there tells incredible stories and are so fond of it. Some say it is because it is located on top of two energy fields crossing each other. Whether or not one chooses to believe in that there is no question about that it is somewhat of a world center for mindfulness, yoga, healthy living and inspiration for arts and handicrafts. The amount of serene and beautiful places to visit or things to do is just mind-blowing. I will be go back again though for sure, to fully experience Ubud you need more than just a couple of days that’s for sure.
I chose to stay my 2 nights at the Shift hotel, it has just recently opened and is already establishing itself as one of Ubud’s hotspots. Perfectly located just outside the crowded and noisy center, just next the iconic raw and vegan food Cafe Alchemy, this is a perfect place to stay to explore Ubud. It has nice and clean rooms, it is quiet, has a lovely pool, a great cafe and a beautifully located Yoga studio on the rooftop.

The first day in Ubud I kickstarted at 7.30 with a Qi Gong session with Nick – an amazing and inspiring teacher. This meditative session could be best described as a mind travel, it was the first time for me and it brought me such a peace and wellbeing to get ready for a day full of emotions and experiences. From the yoga studio at the hotel it was an easy hop over to the roof top cafe where I got my fresh Coconut water and an amazing bowl of fresh fruits, chia pudding, goji berries and cashew milk. WOW, I wish all my days started like this.

the shift hotel Ubud
Fuelled and in mindful peace I felt ready to attack the Ubud Market. It is right in the center of Ubud and it is very packed with small stands selling everything from clothes, jewellery to handicrafts. What can I say? I just loooove these places, these crowded markets where if you only spend some time can find beautiful things and with some bargaining walk away with it at a good price. After spending some time in the bustling and touristic center of Ubud I needed a break from the crowd and scooted off to Jungle Fish.
ubudmarketUbud market  ubudmarket3 ubudmarket4 ubudmarket8
ubud market ubudmarket6
Jungle Fish is a restaurant with an awesome pool overlooking the jungle just outside of Ubud, it is like coming to a small piece of paradise, an oasis in the jungle. Here you can enjoy some great seafood (and good vegetarian options as well) for lunch and then relax by the amazing infinity pool enjoying the wildness of Bali’s nature.
jungle fish ubud junglefish5
After recovering energy at Jungle Fish we had a tea in the beautiful KARSA CAFE just next to Jungle Fish. You have a nice path there if you also want to go back walking to Ubud.
ubud Karsa cafe SPA ubud4
Then I headed back to Ubud to enjoy an wonderful sunset over the rice fields. In the middle of the town you can find a small road heading off to some amazing rice fields. You can  There you can have an afternoon tea at the cute Sari Organik  or enjoy a special experience at Dragonfly Village where you can bathe in their Herbal Steam Sauna, refresh yourself in the salt water pool and join others around a bonfire (check schedule though as it is not every day).
Ubud walk Sari Organic ubud6 ubudwalk ubudwalk siryorganic ubudwalk6
sari organic ubud
After an intense day full of experiences I chose to wind down with dinner at the newly opened Sage. This place was just amazing, they have a menu of incredibly innovative and super-tasty vegan food, it was so good that I left thinking about being vegan all the time, if they only had paces like this at home… The slim and beautiful interior kind of reminded me of mediterranean style houses and gave me some tranquility and home feeling.
Ubud, Bali
Needless to say my first day was intense so I went to bed early preparing for the second day. Read about day 2 here 
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