Diani Beach Paradise

Just south of the more touristy Diani Beach comes Galu beach, a more tranquil beach where Lindzy and David have set up a surfer and chill out guest house called Kenyaways and  H20 Extreme Kite Surf center.

The whole place breathes the Swahili phrase “Pole Pole” which kind of means “take it easy”. Here you come to relax and enjoy what the beach and wind brings you. Wake up in the morning to the sound of the waves and the sunrise through your window. Grab a coffee and juice and have a stroll on the almost infinite perfect white beach and greet the beach boys hanging out. Continue the day with hitting the water Kitesurfing or when less windy just grab a Stand up Paddle board and cruise around in the shallow water. There, I also discovered a boutique with an african fashion brand called Lalesso, inspired by the vibrant east african khanga cloth in the print rich designs.
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The days we spent there were amazing although they also came with a bit of sadness. It is clear that all the worries and fear created by western media about terrorist attacks and Ebola has highly affected the tourism which is the main industry for the people living here. They have seen a huge decrease in tourists coming which has meant less income for the local people and many layoffs. It is very sad to see especially when locals confirm that everything that has been labelled “terrorist attacks” actually are just local disputes and robberies and that the fear of Ebola here it is just a joke. My only wish is for everyone reading this to re-think their vacation plans and definitely consider to come here to this paradise on earth and enjoy it in peace and tranquility with the lovely Kenyans.
Visit kenyaways on their website: http://www.thekenyaway.com or follow them on Facebook andInstagram. 
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