Amazing wedding on safari

 I will tell you about the wedding of my good friends Nina and Sebastian who decided to place their dream wedding in Kenya on the great plains of Masai Mara.

If anything was possible, how would you want your wedding to be? I have some ideas of my own that I might share with you in the future… Until then I will tell you about the wedding of my good friends Nina and Sebastian who decided to place their dream wedding in Kenya on the great land of Masai Mara.

Nina is photographer and has been working on a project which involves the lions that live on the Masai Mara plains. In her work in this project she and Sebastian have been travelling a lot here and wanted to share this for them so special place with there closest friends.
The wedding was that of a dream come true. All the guests spent three days in the wonderful Governors Camp (see post) situated in the heart of Masai Mara. The wedding was planned for day 2 of our stay. In the afternoon we were picked up by jeeps and taken to a wonderful spot on the plains. Surrounded by the local Masais in the traditional festivity clothes we witnessed a beautiful ceremony displaying true love. The couple was shining with joy and despite the grandness of the moment they felt so present and in love. The spot itself was carefully chosen by Nina and neredless to say her eye for details and of course good photography spots made it just an amazing spot for the ceremony.

Imagine sitting and witnessing their love in the wild with elephants walking around and a horde of Gnus running in the background. Priceless!!!

After the ceremony we were taken back to the Camp where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner accompanied with carefully prepared and great performed speeches. After the dinner drinks followed in the bar accompanied by jazz and indy hop tunes. With everyone dressed beautifully in this magical setting it felt like moving back in time.

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amazing wedding on safari

The ceremony and the night was wonderful but I guess the true unforgettable experience and why this wedding memories will stay with me forever was the whole weekend experience. During the 3 days we got much time to get to know the other guests through sharing jeeps when on safari and in common dinners and lunches. The hospitality and generosity was impressive and the organisation and planning was impeccable,everything was thought for from the transports and minute by minute schedule to the welcome kit in your tent or the good night stories placed on your pillow at night. These all new made friends combined with the magical setting of Masai Mara and surrounded by the always so happy and smiling Masais made this wedding to a wedding where dreams came true.

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Thank you Nina and Sebastian for an unforgettable experience and your generosity, I will remember it forever!

My pictures are not the same quality but here you can see a fantastic article that the Huffington post did featuring this wedding. Enjoy!


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