About Me


Welcome to Lipstickvoice. I’m excited you stopped by!


I consider myself a happy being, adventure seeking and a social person who loves to love and be loved. I have always enjoyed writing, not only about my experiences but also my personal thoughts and emotions… It has helped me to set goals,  go for my dreams and reflect about what I want in life and how to develop. The last years I have been more and more motivated to get involved with social causes such as education, women rights, social inequalities which is why I decided to include them as a main part of my blog, as a little help to create more awareness.

Working in the Communication field as PR, Social media manager and communication specialist for the last 8 years has helped me a lot to know more about the online world and how I can use it to express my experiences and reach more people around the world.

Why Lipstickvoice?

Lipstickvoice defines two very characteristic parts of my essence and my personality. Lipstick represents the exterior part of my body, my gestures, the expression of my lips, my feminine side, talkative, also my external part to express love and communicate with others etc. Voice represents my inner voice, the voice that comes naturally and is manifested by the lips. A sensitive and clear voice, deep and sincere, the human side of the people who speak from the heart.

I hope you’ll be inspired by the pictures and stories you see to try out new things, discover new places and engage with social projects around the world.

Ps. Don’t be shy, get in touch with me at any time if you have in mind any project or beautiful story that can suit on my blog at mguixblog@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.

Creative and intuitive. I love music, travel, to share and to write. Life lover, adventure seeking and a professional in communication 2.0 in the digital marketplace.

Thanks with love,