5 ways to keep your sprit up and improve your everyday life

There are small things you can do in your everyday life to escape your routines and here I have collected 5 things to try those days when you feel little bit unmotivated or with lack of inspiration.

Ever felt that you are stuck in a loop, a wheel that just keeps turning around and around and you can’t get out? It happens to us all, its life, when it goes into repeat mode. The beauty and excitement of life lies in its unpredictableness and its uncertainties. This beauty can only be found when we push ourselves to discover new places, people or occupations. Thats when we truly live our life fully, in the adventures that might scare us but make us smile and laugh.
Re-inventing yourself and escaping your daily routine does though not have to mean that you need to leave everything you have. There are small things you can do in your everyday life to escape your routines and here I have collected 5 things to try those days when you feel little bit unmotivated or with lack of inspiration:
1) Re- discover your city: Feel like a tourist or a newcomer to your own city! I am sure you have still a lot of places to explore where you live. Go to some neighbourhoods you have never been before, have a coffee in the local bar, try a new icre cream and stroll away on tourist attractions (probably you have not went on many of those in your own town). Its wonderful, its like travelling but close to home!
ice cream
2) Cook a new meal: Find a new recipe, look in some inspiring cookbooks or just search online. Go to a market or nice supermarket and get all those ingredients you need. Cook and prepare a delicious meal for yourself, friends or family. Take your time and don’t stress when cooking, enjoy the moment, smell the ingredients, the food and let the savours take you away.
3) Prepare a life inspirational Moodboard: Sit down and think with an open mind – where do you want to travel next? – what you would like to learn during the year to come? what you would like to improve? what goals do you want to achieve? Write them down on a paper, don’t hesitate, let it flow, everything is possible with your imagination. Then start searching magazines, papers, online for images, photos and quotes that represent these things you want to do and add them to the board. Leave the board somewhere you can see it every day to inspire you and help you in find courage and focus to reach your dreams. Law of attraction works!!!
life moodboard
4) Spoil yourself. Is the weather a bit gloomy, do you want to just stay at home? Fight that feeling of just slumping down in your sofa and treat yourself with a spa evening. Put on some chill music, buy some incents or candles with odour and light them up to set the mood. Tap up a bath and treat your self with a face treatment or some special creams to rejuvenate your body and mind. Top it off with some special fresh tea you have bought or a fresh smoothie to complete your purification ritual and feel completely renewed.
spoil yourself
5) Have a date night with your partner or a meet up with an old friend. There is always some room for more love and caring in your everyday life. Break out of that everyday, work-gym-home routine and do something different. Imagine you want to take your partner out like it was your first date together. Where would you go? How would you dress? How would you feel? a bit nervous perhaps? Excited. Call an old friend that you have not seen for a while. Take them out for a beer, hang out, talk, bring back old memories, share experiences and connect. Human relationships are wonderful – enjoy!

♥✿ Hope you have a wonderful WEEK wherever you are ♥✿


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