10 ideas to celebrate Valentine´s day!

The international day of LOVE is approaching and I want to recommend you some personal tips about what to do or how you can enjoy a nice love day with your partner.

I didn’t use to be a big fan of Valentine’s day but since love knocked on my door I am taking advantage of any day to celebrate our love and happiness. So my advice to you is don’t be shy, sceptic or boring and just enjoy any moment to celebrate with others how you appreciate and love them! Below you will find some ideas that I would love to do or get in this special day; hope they inspire you! Of course they are all set to do from the boy’s side but as women, we can also take the initiative and surprise him! At least the idea is to give and receive!

 1) Write a Poem or a song with love – I have to admit I am a very romantic and a passional person. I love to write and give love notes to my partner. But perhaps Valentine’s day can be a nice excuse to prepare something special as a poem or a song for your love. I know it can sound very cheesy but trust me it works and they love it! I have a friend who his a singer/songwriter who helped me compose a song that I wrote to give to my boyfriend for his birthday, it was unique!


Here you have some nice website to also send unforgettable messages:


2) Love is in the bath: If you want to surprise your better half add in your bath some of the bombs or  bubble bars from the Saint Valentine’s Lush limited Edition: Heart Throb, Lonely Heart, Unicorn Horn…


Lush cosmetics valentine'S DAY

3) Bake for your love:  I love Red Velvet cakes, here is a nice blog with a tasty recipe to follow and don’t miss any detail.

http://www.browneyedbaker.com/red-velvet-poke-cake/ http://www.browneyedbaker.com/red-velvet-poke-cake/



4) Romantic dinner at home with Moët & Chandon: Ask your partner for a date even when you are in a relationship and you don´t have first dates anymore. It is nice to get a message or an email saying that you would like to invite them on a date. Organize a romantic date dinner at home with a premium Champagne like Moët Rose Imperial. For this special occasion I would chose this absolutely stunning package for two people.  Make a toast for all the positive things you have in life and enjoy!

Moët Chandon Rosé imperial moetchandon

More at: http://es.moet.com/Nuestros-Champagnes/Rose-Imperial

5) Balloons and more Balloons: Fill in your bedroom or either pic up your girlfriend with a bunch of heart balloons! Yes, she will love it and will take a lot of Instagram pictures 🙂


6) Room fragances by byredo, the best ones!



7) Love Movie Night: What else can be better than having a chill night with your love with nice food, some candy and a romantic movie? Here’s my fav list of movies to watch with your couple on Valentine’s day!

– Her
– Mouline Rouge
– Hector and the search of happiness
– The Notebook
– One day
– The Fault in our Stars
– The long hot summer
– The age of innocence

8) Breathe together: As some of you already know I love yoga and I am getting very into it in the last months. I think in a relationship is important to be conscious of how you communicate, express yourself, love the other, work for make yourself and your partner happier and tour relationship healthier. That’s why I propose you to take your partner to do a meditation or yoga session together to breathe and open your mind and soul. In Stockholm there is a place which I love, its like my temple in the middle of the city. I recommend you to find a place like that wherever you are: www.urbanom.se

urban om stockholm

9)Take me to dance: I love dancing alone but also sometimes I like to dance with a couple, romantic songs, salsa songs,… I just discovered Chicago center in Stockholm they do swing lessons… What a lovely present for Valentines!



10)  A jewel to bring close to your heart: Once my boyfriend gave me a necklace with a heart on with our initials graved in. Since then I have not been separated from it, a lovely gift from your love to keep close to your heart. I also like a lot the infinite shape, have a look at these brands:

infinite necklace present

Find yours:






♥ Thanks with love and have a beautiful Valentine’s day ♥


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